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A car is of no use without its battery. While the engine is responsible to provide power to the car, it can not do this without getting help from the battery. The first spark to initiate the combustion process inside the engine is provided by the battery. It is the powerhouse for all the electrical systems in your car. It works continuously during your drives and needs a little bit of care, regularly, to work efficiently for a long time. Our technicians, at Billinghams MOT Centre, can help you with this and ensure that you aren’t troubled by any battery issue in the near future.

Common Issues

If your battery is worn out, you might face trouble starting your car. This is due to the battery, which is incapable of providing the engine with the initial spark to start the combustion process. You need to get it checked at the earliest to ensure smooth functioning again. You might also face issues with the electronics of your car if you haven’t maintained your battery properly.

We advise our customers to check their batteries checked once in a month for any possible leaks and serviced once every two years. Let our experts, at Billinghams MOT Centre, take care of your battery and ensure that it works efficiently in the foreseeable future.

What causes issues?

The majority of our customers ask us about what causes problems in the battery. There are many factors that can lead to an issue in it. Cold weather and ageing are the two major reasons. Cold weather is a leech for batteries and is one of the most common causes of battery discharge. It can also weaken due to ageing, which causes degradation of parts over time. We advise our customers to use a battery for a maximum time of five years from their manufacturing date.

Using the electronic systems of your car for too long on the battery can drain and weaken it. Switch off the air conditioner and the lights to not exert too much load on the battery.

Let our experts, at Billinghams MOT Centre, diagnose your battery and return it to the peak of its abilities.

Why Us

Billinghams MOT Centre is a customer-oriented garage, where customers are of paramount importance for us. We make sure to provide them with the best in class services and products at a better price than any other garage in Bridgnorth.

We have extensively trained our technicians to ensure work quality and efficiency. We provide them with any training they need to increase and improve their skill-set. This not only improves the work delivery of our garage but also helps them become better technicians.

We have the latest pieces of equipment installed at our garage, to make sure that accuracy and efficiency are improved furthermore.

Let our professionals help you achieve the most out of your car and guarantee its smooth functioning for a long period.

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