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Summer tyres provide impressive handling performance and driving precision courtesy their unique rubber compound and fewer grooves in the tread pattern. As the name suggests, these tyres are suitable for a warmer climate, on both wet and dry asphalt. In case you are looking for summer tyres Bridgnorth, then you have just landed at the right place.

We at Billinghams MOT & Tyre Centre Bridgnorth host an extensive and diverse collection of summer tyres. Our inventory spans tyres in the premium-range, mid-range, as well as in low budget; not to forget the wide variety of sizes. Thus, be it regular tyres to drive around town, UHP tyres to hit the motorway or 4x4 variants, you will find them all on our shelves!

Best summer tyres in Bridgnorth

We have made a list of the best summer tyres to expedite your shopping experience with us! Here they are:

  1. Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli is one of the leading tyre manufacturers globally, having produced top-tier products from its very inception. The P Zero model is a quintessential example of that. It provides an outstanding driving experience, with impressive wet and dry grip.

The P Zero’s S-shaped tread design gives way to optimal pressure distribution when braking, in a straight line and also when cornering. Also, its increased pattern stiffness allows greater contact with the road, improving handling performance at higher speeds.

  1. Bridgestone Potenza S001

Bridgestone is also a renowned name in the tyre manufacturing industry, and its products have time and again ranked at the top.

The Potenza S001 is an exemplary summer tyre, consistent with Bridgestone’s reputation. Its stiff shoulder blocks provide exceptional grip when cornering, and the longitudinal grooves allows for shorter braking distance. Plus, it has an off-centre straight rib, which produces impressive driving precision and steering response.

  1. Continental Sport Contact 6

The Continental Sport Contact 6 is a strong candidate if you are looking to upgrade the summertyres Bridgnorth in your performance car. Its unique micro flexibility compound ensures splendid grip owing to enhanced road contact. Therefore, it offers supreme acceleration and reduced braking distance on both dry and wet tarmacs. Plus, an improved tread pattern delivers superior steering precision and support when cornering, and the enhanced block design ensures safety and control across all driving manoeuvres.

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4

This model has garnered quite the reputation for being an outstanding UHP tyre for summers. The superior tread compound in Pilot Sport 4 delivers brilliant steering precision, and the tread pattern ensures maximum road contact, continuously adapting to the conditions. Plus, its broad and deep longitudinal grooves ensure optimal water dispersion to prevent hydroplaning, which enhances its wet grip.

Why choose us?

We are an extensive automotive facility in Bridgnorth, with not only an extensive tyre collection but also an experienced team of in-house technicians. They ensure the quality and safety levels of each of our products and can guide you with technical knowledge when you purchase your car tyres.

Your search for cost-efficient “summer tyres near me”ends with Billinghams MOT &Tyre Centre Bridgnorth!

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