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suspension shock absorbers

Cars are one of the most prized possessions of people nowadays. The comfort and ease they provide while travelling is second to none. They have constantly been improving and becoming capable of providing more comfort than ever before. To do this, one of the key aspects that needs to be upgraded is the suspension system. Your car is balanced on this system to ensure that you aren’t troubled by the irregularities of the road surface. Extensive usage and negligible care can damage the suspension system and make your ride bumpy sooner than it should be.

Let our experts, at Billinghams MOT Centre, help you avoid any possible issue with your car’s suspension system and ensure that you are smoothly cruising on the most uneven roads.

What does the Suspension exactly do?

The primary job of the suspension system is to ensure that the tyres are pressed down on the road. This pressure ensures that friction is maintained between them and the car sticks to the road, which leads to better handling and control of the car. The suspension system can take the beating of the road without letting you feel the effects of it for a long time without wearing.

But they do wear. After being driven for thousands of miles, the suspension system might start showing the effects of wearing. Some indications of a worn-out suspension system are bumpy drives, noticeable tyre shaking, bottoming of the suspension on uneven roads, nose-diving at the application of brakes and leakage from a shock or strut. There is not a specific life for the suspension system- it depends on the areas it is driven in and the driving style of the driver.

We, at Billinghams MOT Centre, can efficiently repair and return the performance abilities of your car’s suspension system.

Road-Isolation and Cornering

The suspension system makes sure that your drives are smooth at all times. It takes care of some important principles like “road-isolation”. The suspension dissipates the energy it absorbs from road bumps without making you feel the effects of it. The second thing it takes care of is “cornering”. The suspension system shifts the weight of the car as per the turn that is being taken.

These two are the key features of a good suspension system. Let our professionals, at Billinghams MOT Centre, restore your car’s worn-out suspension system to its original glory.

Why Us

Billinghams MOT Centre believes in catering only excellence to its customers. We make sure that no compromises are made when it’s related to our customers.

We have some of the most efficient technicians of Bridgnorth working at our garage. We have trained them, extensively, to ensure top-notch work quality and delivery. This not only improves our reputation amongst our customers but also helps our technicians increase and improve their skill-set.

We have some of the latest pieces of equipment installed at our garage to enhance our accuracy and efficiency furthermore. We promise to work up to your expectations and ensure that comfort is never an issue for you.

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