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Continental, a Germany-based automotive spares manufacturing company, is the fourth-largest tyre manufacturer globally. It is the pioneer in grooved car tyres and detachable wheel tyres.

The company has continually produced tyres of outstanding quality, be it regular tyres, UHP variants, or 4x4 ones. In case you are thinking of mounting Continental tyres Bridgnorth on your vehicle, we might be of assistance.

At Billinghams MOT & Tyre CentreBridgnorth, we host a diverse selection of Continental tyres. Whether you are looking for summer, winter, or all-season tyres from this brand, we have it stocked! Moreover, our experts can assist you in working out which tyre model will be best suited for your vehicle.

Tips before buying Continental tyres

In case you are booking your car tyres online with us, take a look at these tips to ensure a well-informed purchase:

  • Check the Continental tyre models which are compatible with your vehicle. Refer to your manufacturer’s guide or contact us.
  • Assess your driving needs. A tyre fit for driving around the town will differ from tyres suited to frequently hitting the motorways. Also, get your priorities in order. You might prioritise comfortable, quiet rides over fuel-efficiency, for example. You should base your purchase on these considerations.

Top Continental tyres Bridgnorth

Our experts have handpicked the best Continental tyres to ease your buying experience with us. Take a look:

  1. Sport Contact 6

It is the ultimate UHP summer tyre for your performance car. The Sport Contact 6’s unique micro flexibility compound maximises road contact, no matter the driving manoeuvre. It ensures short braking distance and excellent acceleration on dry and wet tarmacs. Its tread pattern, both inner and outer, provides for outstanding steering response, doubling on safety when cornering. Moreover, its stiff central rib offers robust support and overall stability.

  1. ContiWinter Contact TS 850

It’s an ideal tyre model for wintry weather conditions, delivering exhilarating performance on both dry and wet roads. Its innovative tread pattern provides exceptional braking performance and outstanding handling and grip, no matter the driving condition. Plus, its tyre compound facilitates excellent grip on the toughest of road surfaces, ensuring driving stability throughout. It also provides for low rolling resistance, so, you can also save on fuel.

  1. Cross Contact ATR

If you are looking for tyres to drive on difficult terrains, the Cross Contact ATR ranks at the top. Its exceptional rubber compound and tread pattern deliver robust off-road and wet traction, outstanding braking performance on slippery slopes, and overall durability. What’s more, it also minimises noise to ensure a quiet ride.

  1. All Season Contact

It’s the perfect tyre if you are looking for something to drive year-round without much compromise on quality or safety. It combines the best of both summer and winter tyres from Continental, to provide excellent grip and impressive braking distance throughout a year.

Apart from the above, we also keep several entry-level Continental tyres in Bridgnorth. Your search for “Continental Tyres near me”ends with us! Book your tyres online with us today!


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