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Dunlop Rubber Company in 1985 was acquired by BTR plc and further Sumitomo acquired the required rights for marketing and manufacturing the Dunlop branded road tyres. He didn't acquire the complete company. Around 1997, Sumitomo acquired agreement to use Dunlop as a corporate name and changed the UK subsidiary name to Dunlop Tyres Ltd. Till May 2014, Dunlop occupied a compact part along with their British main office and the site in action. The company in the UK operates as a typical sales organisation which helps with importing tyres from across the manufacturing plants around the magnificent world, including Poland, Slovenia and China. Dunlop company is famous for its extensive manufacturing operations throughout the world. After the closure in 2006 of the Washington plant, Goodyear Dunlop ceased the mainstream lorry and car tyre production in the UK. The Goodyear Dunlop joint venture is always managed through websites present in Brussels and Luxembourg, which report to Goodyear in Ohio, Akron, United States.

The Dunlop tyres are known for its quintessential and iconic nature. Only one thing can beat Dunlop on its home territory and can stand parallel to it is the Dunlop Man, the company conjured an advertising miracle many years ago. Dunlop has managed great heights and has travelled far just becoming a more than a typical tyre manufacturer: it's known for its Dunlop Stars, which are awarded to the World's most eminent chefs and is also popular on travel guides.

Dunlop tyres are considered best in their construction and their purchase is made available to people by us. Dunlop has stayed loyal to its roots. It has also been listed among the top manufacturers of the world.

Why Should You Buy Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop has a long reputed history for being so innovative in its tyre technology. In the early '20s, it was the first company which was seen introducing the concept of self-supporting run-flat tyre type. If you are still being sceptical of buying tyres online, the next point will drive your attention.

In the early '20s, the company had introduced an initially marked 'X' tyre known as the radial tyre. Their past has a lot of significant innovations and inventions which requires a lot more time for a listing. When you choose Dunlop tyres over others, you invite many historical achievements of the company.

Dunlop has always been regarded on top locations in the history of motorsports. The famous personalities like McLaren and Brabham have used Dunlop tyres and won the F1 championships. After having access to Dunlop tyres Oxford, remember that these also supply tyres to European Le Mans which is notoriously difficult in achieving endurance racing. It also acts as a supplier to the Le Mans event which occurs 24 Hours.

Why Should You Consider Us?

Whenever you consider buying Dunlop Tyres Bridgnorth, consider Bridgnorth for its quality purchase. The experts present there will guide you and make you choose best for your demands of your model of the car. Billinghams MOT Centre is famous for providing efficient car services. They are known for selling original types of equipment and a famous brand like Dunlop is part of their service.


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