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Michelin is the world’s second-largest tyre manufacturer, preceded by Bridgestone. Responsible for inventions like removable tyres, radial tyres, and pneurail tyres, the company has consistently proven its prominence with its best in class products. In case you want to upgrade your car with Michelin tyres Bridgnorth, we are here!

We at Billinghams MOT & Tyre Centre Bridgnorth are a leading tyre retailer in this region. Our exhaustive inventory of car tyres comprises an exclusive selection of products from Michelin. Whether you are looking for entry-level car tyres or premium ones, we have you covered! Our experts can also guide you if you have not decided which Michelin tyre you’d like to purchase.

Why buy Michelin tyres?

While we keep an extensive stock of car tyres from several different manufacturers, Michelin products enjoy splendid popularity. Tyres from Michelin are a perennial favourite among customers across the globe.

Its long history with motorsports has allowed Michelin to produce one tyre after another of exceptional superiority, whether you talk about performance or safety. What’s more, the companyhas tyres across a diverse price range, offering something for both entry-level car owners as well as their seasoned counterparts.

Best Michelin Tyres Bridgnorth

Here’s a list of the best car tyres from Michelin, based on their seasonal-application:

Summer tyres

  1. Pilot Sport 4

In case you are looking for something that will deliver supreme driving pleasure, the Pilot Sport 4 is an ideal choice. Its unique rubber compound provides outstanding steering response, wet grip, and braking performance. Plus, its tread design features deep and wide longitudinal grooves for optimal aquaplaning resistance to ensure safety on wet roads.

  1. Primacy 3

Primacy 3 is a strong candidate if you need tyres for your passenger car. It scores high on braking distance on dry and wet tarmacs, ensuring passengers’ on-ride safety. Also, the Primacy tyres promises superior longevity.

Winter tyres

  1. Michelin AgilisAlpin

This winter tyre demonstrates supreme traction and acceleration on snowy tracks due to the well-spaced blocks and open shoulders in its tread. Moreover, its full tread depth pattern provides for exceptional handling performance. Plus, its large and square contact patch maximises road contact to ensure improved grip.

  1. Alpin 5

The unique tread pattern in Alpin 5 delivers excellent steering precision, snow traction, and speedy hydroplaning resistance. Plus, the superior tread compound in it allows for optimised performance based on the temperature, which ensures improved grip without compromising its drivability.

All-season tyres

  1. Cross Climate+

If you are looking for Michelin tyres Bridgnorth that will provide impressive performance year-round, you might consider the Cross Climate+. You can enjoy the exceptional braking performance and grip no matter the weather condition. Plus, it is also approved for usage on snowy tracks.

Alongside these premium tyres, our inventory also hosts an array of other Michelin tyres. What’s more, you can book your car tyres online on our website. With Billinghams MOT & Tyre Centre Bridgnorth, you no longer need to search for “Michelin tyres near me”.


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