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Tyres are rings of vulcanised rubber that are responsible for providing smooth and comfortable drives. They cover your steel or alloy wheels and are the only point of contact between the car and the road surface. They are also responsible for gripping the road and providing you with the complete control of your vehicle at all times. To obtain the best traction and grip, one needs to mount the perfect set of tyres according to the road conditions they driving in. Contact our experts, at Billinghams MOT Centre, to be advised by the experts. They are sure to help you find the best set of tyres, for your car, according to the area you live in.

Winter Tyres

Advancement in technology made its way to the automotive industry as well. The extensive research facilities for tyres, of several companies, design tyres according to the road conditions they are going to be driven in. The three categories are summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres.

Winter tyres need to be designed with an extra bit of attention. They are made up of a softer rubber compound than summer and all-season tyres. This hardens, when exposed to the cold winter temperatures, and grips the road even in the presence of snow. The presence of extra sipes and special tread blocks helps the tyre bite through the snow and grip the roads. It also has a distinctive tread pattern, that helps prevent aquaplaning and keeps your car stable.

Billinghams MOT Centre exhibits a wide range of the best winter tyres available in the market. We offer these to our customers at a better price than any other garage in Bridgnorth.

Need for Winter Tyres

For places where temperatures fall below 7 degree Celsius, using summer tyres in the winter season as well might not be the best decision. It’s better to switch to your winter tyres Bridgnorth and ensure optimum safety at all times. Summer tyres are designed with a hard rubber compound. Hardening it furthermore, in the cold, would make it brittle and prone to collapse at any point of time.

Let our experts, at Billinghams MOT Centre, assist you before this happens. We’ll make sure that your summer tyres remain in the best condition to be usable in the next season.

Why Us?

Billinghams MOT Centre is a customer-oriented garage. We aim to deliver the best in class services to our customers without compromising on any aspect.

We have the best technicians of Bridgnorth working at our garage. We have provided them with all the training that would help them increase and improve their skill-set. They have dedicated hours to become the proficient experts that they are widely known as today.

We have a huge collection of the latest products at our garage. We offer various products manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers in the world. We make sure to provide you with these products at a better deal as compared to other garages in Bridgnorth.

We have installed the latest pieces of equipment, needed to cater to the various possible issues in a car, at our garage. We pay extra attention to our work accuracy and efficiency.

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